Patents in Jordan:
Jordan is a member to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and patents are protected according the Jordanian Invention Law No.32 for the Year 2001.

For the protection of patents, novelty in Jordan is not limited to the country .Once an application for the grant of a patent is filed it is examined with respect to compliance with formalities and patentability provided for under the Patent law.

An application should be filed in Jordan within twelve months starts from the date of the first international publication or within twelve months as from the date of first filing in order to claim priority; and it must be same as the application filed in the home country.

Amendment of patent’s specifications is possible before the official grant of the subject patent provided that said amendments do not exceed what has been disclosed in the original application.

Novelty examination takes into consideration any specification previously lodged with the Patent Office or any patent previously registered. The Patent Office may require whatever amendments it deems necessary to bring the application into conformity with the law.

In case the applicant does not comply with the requirements of the Patent Office as authorized by the Registrar of patents, the Registrar will reject the application.

The law allows for the protection of chemical products relating to medical drugs, pharmaceutical compositions.

If the registrar reject a patent application, then the applicant is entitled to appeal against the requirements and conditions of the Patent Office by means of submitting a petition to the High Court of Justice, within one month as from the date of the Registrar’s decision.

If the application is approved by the registrar then the application will be published in the Official Gazette and open for public inspection.

Any party may oppose the grant of a patent within three months as from the date of publication.

If no opposition was filed during the publication period against the grant of the patent, then letters of patent will be granted.

A patent under the Law is valid for twenty years from the date of filing the application or from the priority date in case of claiming priority.

The application is subject to payment if the prescribed annuity fees due, after issuance of letters patent, from the date of filing in Jordan or the convention filing date in the case of priority applications. A grace period of six months, from the due date, is granted to the owners of registered patents to pay the due fees. If this is the case, the official fees have to be paid in double.

The right to a patent may be assigned, transferred through succession or license. The assignment of granted patents must be made in writing. An assignment will have no effect against third parties unless it has been published in the Official Gazette and duly entered in the relevant records of the Patent Office. .

Working of patents is an official requirement. In case the owner of a patented invention in Jordan fails to satisfy the stipulated working requirements of the country within three years, as from the date of grant, the patent will be subject to compulsory licensing under the provisions of the Law.

Alternatively, nominal working of a patent can be fulfilled by publishing a notice in a daily newspaper every 2 years, inviting interested parties to exploit the concerned patent.

Infringement of the rights of a patentee is penalized under the provisions of the current Patent Law in Jordan.

For further information concerning the above matter, please do not hesittae to contact us.


Power of Attorney Form

TRADE MARK Off.Fees(US$) Pro.Fees(US$) Total Fees(US$)
Patent application, publication and registration. 265 220 485
Annuity payment / per year. 75 55 130
Responding to an official action. 15 25 40
Recording of assignment or mortgage. 145 75 220
Recording of a license. 100 60 160
Recording of change of name and/or address, for each patent. 85 65 150
Amendment or correction of patent specification. 30 50 80
Nominal working, before lapse of three years and every two subsequent years (including notice). 0 245 245
Obtaining a certified copy of a Letters Patent. 15 25 40
Obtaining a certified copy of the patent specification. 15 25 40
Claiming convention priority (excluding Arabic translation). 0 20 20
Extra Publication charges in the Official Gazette (per page). 75 40 115
Search according to title of invention or name of patentee, first patent. 0 40 55
Each additional simultaneous search application for the same inventor. 15 40 55
Translation of patent specification from English into Arabic, including typing (per page). 0 20 20
Late filing of documents. 0 20 20

Kindly note that the above quoted charges are all inclusive, of both (official and professional fees), however, our charges may be subject to increases due to changes in the official fees or exchange rates.


Patent Filing requirements:

  1. Power of attorney legalized and notarized up to the Jordanian Consulate.
  2.  Certified copy of the certificate of registration of the company or articles of association for a corporate person.
  3.  Affidavit (patent application form No. 4) duly notarized and legalized. This form should be jointly signed by the inventor(s) and the later is not the inventor (s). If this is the case, said from will serve also as a deed of assignment.
  4.  Three copies of the specifications and claims in English and Arabic (translation maybe prepared by our Firm).
  5. Three sets of the formal drawings, if any.
  6.  A certified copy of the home application or registration or a certified prioritydocuments, if priority is to be claimed. (The patent number and first filing date have to be available upon filing and the original documents must be submitted within 60 days.)
  7.  for publication: A brief description of the invention and the new claims whose protection is sought in about (200) words for the purpose of publication in the Official  Gazette. The said brief description should be independent of the application; and it

should comprise the following:

  • The name of the inventor and the applicant if the applicant is not the inventor and the addresses of both of them.
  • A summary of the specifications of the invention, the claims whose protection is sought illustrative drawing associated with it. The said summary must indicate the technical or scientific field of the invention and give a clear idea of the technical problem, the essence of its solution and ‘the main uses of the invention.
  • The chemical formula that best distinguishes the invention compared  with the other formulas listed in the application if needed and if the invention is a chemical one.
  •  The best suited illustrative drawing among those presented by the applicant (if applicable)

Kindly note the following points:

  1. Patent Applications can be filed with only the specifications, claims, abstract and drawings, while all the other documents can be submitted within 60 days from the filing date.
  2. Nominal working of a patent is a requirement under the Jordanian Patent Law as from 4 years of the filing date or 3 years as from granting date and failing to do so will be become subject to compulsory licensing, on the other hand it is possible to meet this requirement by publishing a notice in a daily newspaper inviting any interested party to exploit the patent, which can be done every two years.
  3.  Annuities should be paid after issuance of letters patent and they are calculated from the filing date or priority date with a permitted grace period of six months.

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