Models & Industrial Designs

Filing process:

Once the application is filed, it is examined to its conformity with the applicable laws and it is availability against prior applications or registrations, this process might take up to four months. upon the acceptance of the application, the application then will be forwarded to publication in the official gazette which might take place within seven months from the filing date.

If no opposition was filed by third party with three months from the publication date, the application will mature into a registration and the certificate will be issued accordingly. The registration is valid for 15 years starting from filing date.


Power of Attorney Form

TRADE MARK Off.Fees(US$) Pro.Fees(US$) Total Fees(US$)
Design application. 45 105 155
Claiming priority of a design application. 0 20 20
Publication charges in the Official Gazette (per page). 70 55 125
Issuance of registration certificate. 70 65 135
Opposition action against registration of design or a model. 100 1400 1500
Applying for obtaining extension of time to file an opposition action. 15 25 40
Amendment or correction of patent specification. 30 50 80
Filing a counter statement responding to an opposition action for each opposed application. 15 25 40
Filing supporting documents supporting the application each time. 15 25 40
Requesting a hearing to argue the opposition filed by any party. 15 25 40
Hearing at the Registrar’s Office to discuss decisions or argue against disclaimers/objections. 15 25 40
Recordal of change of name, address, or communication address. 85 55 140
Recordal of assignment. 100 170 270
Certified copy of any document or information. 15 25 40
Amendment, change or cancel any part of the design record. 15 25 40
Modifying the record. 15 25 40

Kindly note that the above quoted charges are all inclusive, of both (official and professional fees), however, our charges may be subject to increases due to changes in the official fees or exchange rates.


Design filing requirement:

  1. Power of attorney notarized and legalized up to the Jordanian Consulate.
  2. Description of the design pointing out its novel aspects.
  3. The article (s) covered by the design and the material used in producing these items.
  4. Class (es) in which the design is to be registered.
  5. Three sets of specimens or representations of the design.
  6.  Extract from the commercial register of applicant legalized if applicant is not a normal person.
  7. Certified copy of priority document when priority is claimed.
  8. Deed of assignment, if the designer is different from the applicant, legalized.
  9. Declaration of Novelty and ownership legalized up to Jordan Consulate.
  10. Details of the applicant.

For further information concerning the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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